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Harvest time

September is about new beginnings and moving on. The light is different and the temperature has changed; the traffic is terrible, the roadworks are increasing and the kids are back […]

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Are you summer?

Wow! What a few weeks it has been. Gloriously warm temperatures, big blue skies, t-shirts and sun hats, winter a lifetime away – spring has really arrived, eventhough it feels […]

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All about bulbs

Well we’ve been on a roller coaster with the weather over the past few weeks. The Indian summer lasted beautifully through the end of September and with the arrival of […]


La ferme de Budé

Right in the heart of Petit-Saconnex and nestled between the local primary school and a number of residential apartment blocks is a gem of an organic farm with a food market. […]

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growing tomatoes

The arrival of June brings with it the increase in temperatures that we have all been waiting for. With this heat comes the tremendous increase of growth in the vegetable […]