Join me on a workshop and learn something new. Create a seasonal pot filled with perennials, aromatics and flowers or perhaps learn about seed sowing for flowers or vegetables. Come along with a friend or meet some enthusiastic new ones at these hands-on workshops and head home with your own creation. Workshops are available throughout the year from March to November.

Private workshops are also available for groups of at least four.

Advice & Consultancy

Sometimes a little practical information is all you need to improve your garden. I start with a visit to your home and a walk through the outdoor space while you tell me what you’d like from your garden. I offer you easy to follow suggestions for creating interest, increasing pollinator friendly plants, starting a vegetable or a cutting garden, maintaining what you’ve got, trouble-shooting issues and finding organic solutions from fertilisers to pest control.

I can also help you with your window boxes and garden containers. Together we can identify your favourite plant and colour combinations and we can work together to completely revitalise your pots for the coming season.

I provide easy to follow great gardening advice to create a beautiful tranquil outdoor space at you home.

Choose from a one time one hour session to a series of three one hour sessions.

Events & Markets

I’ll be presenting a wide range of seasonal pots underplanted with spring bulbs for sale at two events in December stop by to say hello:

So Many Queens, Grand Rue 27 in Perroy on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 December

Le Marché d’Hiver at La Châtaigneraie, Ecole International de Genève – Sunday 10 December, 11:00-16:00

Gift options

Gift vouchers for workshops or private garden consultancy are available.