Jardilisle Plant Market & Troc

The 6th annual troc des plantes organized by Jardi l’Isle and les Amis Suisses des Plantes Vivaces will take place on Sunday 13th September from 09:30-16:30 in L’Isle above Morges. Entry is free. The aim of this event is to encourage amateur growers to swap their small plants amongst themselves. Bring your plants to the event, hand them over for display and recieve a “swap bon” per plant to exchange for another plant on display. If you have nothing to swap don’t worry “bons” may be purchased for Chf 3 each. Also a number of well-know growers participate and will have stands packed with perennials among them Rémy Jaggi in Trélex, Roussillon Fleurs in Meyrin, L’Autre Jardins in Comérod and Bioley in Poliez Pittet. Steaming coffee, fresh croissants, hot soup and pizza – a great day out.

For further information see the website: Jardi l’Isle


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