Genève se met aux Roses

If you live in Geneva perhaps you were presented with a rose today in celebration of the International Competition of New Roses held every June at the Parc des Granges. Established in 1947 this competition brings together rose experts from all over the world to judge the best new rose of the year. The roses are grown over two years in the Parc des Granges, it is during their second season of flowering that they are judged by an international panel of experts. In order to win the rose variety must show excellence in a number of criteria including appearance and shape, floral colour, fragrance and resistance to disease. The rose garden of the Parc des Granges is open to the public over the course of the weekend, except during the official judging on Saturday, the prix du public takes place on Sunday. If you love roses this is a weekend not to be missed. The jet d’eau will be pink (rose) on Friday evening.

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