Summer Container Workshop

I’ve added an extra date for this workshop on Summer garden pots and containers, Friday 6 May 2022. We’ll be concentrating on adding aromatics and edible flowers to your traditional plantings. If you’d like to join me for a morning of instruction in Chéserex from 10:00-12:00, followed by a light lunch drop me a message for more details.

4 thoughts on “Summer Container Workshop

  1. Bonsoir,

    S’il y a encore une place pour le vendredi 6 mai à 10h, je serai volontiers des vôtres à L’Heure du Thé, à Chéserex.
    Merci et bonne soirée

  2. So sorry but as I have Covid, I won’t be able to attend. But if you have this course again, please keep me on your list.

    1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Joy! Hope to see you at a future course. Warm regards, Tara

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