my swiss garden

my swiss garden is a journal about the ups and downs of gardening life in my little corner of Switzerland.

It is filled with tips on timely actions, hints about trouble-shooting problems specific to this area, information about local and not so local events and of course plants, trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables and lots of pretty things – all garden related.

If like me you are happiest with a little dirt beneath your nails, sun warming your back as you plant and secateurs at the ready you’ve perhaps found the perfect place.

about me

After years as a balcony gardener in Geneva the move to a new home with a large and challenging garden in the foothills of the Jura demanded more time, planning and effort. Twenty years on the garden continues to be a work in progress with still plenty of potential for new projects. A busy family life manages to delightfully distract me from spending every moment working outdoors.

A professional amateur gardener, I bring my observations, knowledge and experience to this journal. I also like to source and up-cycle unusual containers and fill them with seasonal plants which I sell at markets throughout the year. I occasionally give gardening workshops especially on pots and containers souvent en français. Further to a career in the international and NGO world in Geneva I am also the Director of the Swiss Gardening School. I live with my family in the La Côte region of Vaud in Switzerland. Unless otherwise mentioned all photos are my own.