Garden accessories

Occasionally I come across a website that inspires me, Manufactum is one such company.  The ethos behind this website is that the products are carefully chosen to reflect the following ideals; everything is made with great skill using traditional methods; the materials suit the purpose, the products are made from materials such as wood, glass and metal; the products are reliable and practical, can be repaired and are environmentally friendly. The best part is the entire section devoted to the garden is packed with great utensils and accessories for the amateur gardener.

With my mind on seed sowing I am tempted by the galvanized steel cultivation tray above. In two sizes each tray contains individual bottom-less mini-pots which can be filled with potting compost ready for sowing. Once established the plants can be gently eased from the pots without damaging the roots due to the conical shape of the pots. Time to get sowing I think.

The company is based in Germany and ships to Switzerland.


photo by Manufactum



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