Winter’s over, where to start?

From weeks of permanent snow and sub-zero temperatures to a week where we all thought spring had arrived the weather has certainly been playing on my mind for a while. Winter is my planning season for the garden; I delve into new books on design trends and garden planning while also browsing through seed catalogues and drooling over instagram feeds. There is so much to inspire us that it is easy to enjoy the visual stimuli and not actually do anything. Another cup of tea anyone ……

However a week like we’ve just had with warm sunshine and primroses brings reality crashing down upon us, where to start? With a cup of tea in hand I like to take a stroll through the garden to see where I stand. Nothing is at its best at this time of year but with the skeleton of trees, shrubs and faded perennials it is not too difficult to see what and where needs work. Downtrodden, flattened grass where a little path would work nicely, a bird bath close to the bird feeders but far from the neighbours cat, a cleaned and cleared terrace containing only pots that provide salad leaves and herbs – so many potential projects. Now there is still time to get planning before the good weather sets in and other projects take over. Time to take out that note book and start making a list.

I think I’ll have another cup of tea and look for my notebook, back soon ……


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